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The S.W.I.M. Spotlight…

Who’s in the March S.W.I.M. SPOTLIGHT?

The NYC Empire Dragon Boat Team!

Women of the Empire Dragon Boat Team participate in the Oyster Project!

The women of the Empire Dragon Boat Team are an extraordinary group of cancer survivors, who have been plowing through NYC waterways and promoting active lifestyles since 2009.

They are in our S.W.I.M.spotlight for their recent participation in the Oyster Project; an effort initiated by the NY/NJ Baykeeper organization to rebuild NYC’s oyster reefs. To date, they have introduced 500 cheapest propecia uk baby oysters to the Flushing Bay which will help sequester harmful toxins out of our waterways and enhance the overall health of the tidal ecosystem.

Not only is the Empire Dragon Boat Team committed to this important effort, they deserve the spotlight for being a remarkable cialis 20 mg support system that gives women who are recovering from cancer, an important physical outlet. In the literal sense, the Empire Dragon Boat Team helps women strength the muscles that are too often compromised by lumpectomies. And in many ways, rowing helps to strengthen the spirit of these women and enable them to continue the fight against cancer, one “stroke” at a time.

 Cheers to the Empire Dragon Boat Team who are in the S.W.I.M. spotlight for their inspiration and efforts towards bioremediation of the bay!

For more information on the women of the NYC Empire Dragon Boat Team check out their homepage here!


Fun for Kids, Good for the Waterways – green infrastructure playgrounds!

Check out a March 12 Wall Stree Journal Article which says :  “New York City has enlisted trees, “green” roofs and massive tanks in its effort to reduce the best viagra and popular in uk billions of gallons of untreated wastewater that overflow into city waterways during rain storms each year.

Now, it’s turning to schoolyards.

 The city’s Department of Environmental Protection is developing a plan best cialis 5mg prices with the Trust for Public Land, a national not-for-profit group, to build as many as 10 “green” playgrounds, designed to capture pharmacy viagra 100mg cheapest the first inch of rain in every storm—keeping the water from pouring into the city’s sewer system and inundating wastewater treatment plants.”

For the full article, orlistat purchase click here!


Define “recreation”

Merriam-Webster’s describes recreation as, “refreshment of strength and spirits after work ; also : a means of refreshment or diversion.”  Wikipedia equates it with “fun”.

When it comes to water quality standards, recreation can imply a few different things.  Depending on what kind of recreation you are up to on the water, the City and State are required to maintain water quality to suit that use.  So, if you are using a waterway for swimming, the water quality standard will be much higher than for a waterway that is being used for, say, primarily boating or even industry.

Of New York City’s 600 miles of waterfront, only about 14 miles are officially designated as beaches, and the highest water quality standards are reserved for those areas of “primary contact”.  What of the rest?

Does the city share your goals for using the waterway closest to you?  PlaNYC’s main objective for water quality is to “open 90% of our waterways to recreation by preserving natural areas and reducing pollution”.   This goal is only ambitious if by “recreation” they mean “swimming”. Which, at some point, the Mayor did.

Or do they mean forms of recreation that require little or no contact, such as enjoying the vista from an esplanade? Without the specifics on what use we expect from our waterways, how do we know what our goals are in terms of pollution reduction or preservation of natural areas?

Tell us, Mr. Mayor, how do YOU define recreation?