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Stormwater Infrastructure Matters: utilizing stormwater as a resource, not a waste!
S.W.I.M. Coalition
Notes from S.W.I.M. Coalition’s October 11 Public Meeting:

Marianna Koval, from the NYU Center for Sustainable Business, spoke at S.W.I.M.’s  quarterly public meeting on October 11, about the partnership between NYC Department of Environmental Protection and the Natural Resources Defense Council to restructure the city’s Grant Program for Green Infrastructure on Private Property and encourage more private property owners to get grants to […]

Ongoing threats to water quality

The New York City Water Trail Association, a non-profit group of citizen scientists that test water quality throughout the NY Harbor shoreline, reported alarming results last week. A 0.4 inch rainfall on September 14 seems like it was enough rain to cause a combined sewer overflow event in Flushing Bay and Flushing Creek; four of the […]

DEP Releases Eye-Opening Reports on Green Infrastructure Progress and Challenges

Last month, DEP submitted two important reports to the state on its green infrastructure program.  These reflect significant progress – and significant challenges – over the program’s first 5 years. Since 2010, DEP has invested over $250 million in GI projects, which now capture the first inch of runoff from 437 acres of impervious area. […]

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