Fact Sheets on the Six CSO Long Term Control Plans Approved by NY Dept. of Environmental Conservation in March 2017:

A. SWIM LTCP Update Fact Sheet A brief guide to NY DEC’s Abrupt Approval of six flawed CSO Long Term Control Plans

B. SWIM’s Assessment of each of the Six flawed CSO Long Term Control Plans:

C. S.W.I.M. Clean Water Steward Workbook Citizen’s Guide to the City’s CSO Long Term Control Plans

D. Community Letter to New York State DEC  regarding Clean Water Goals and Actions for New York City’s Combined Sewer System

Open Sewer Atlas Project:

Presentation Docs/Fact Sheets/Comment Letters: 2007 – 2014:



  • On July 31, 2015 NYS Department of Environmental Conservation issued the final MS4 permit to the City of New York.  If you would prefer the shorter “fact sheet”, you can find it here.
  • In September 2010, NYC DEP released its NYC Green Infrastructure Plan to integrate Green Infrastructure into the city’s efforts to combat Combined Sewer Overflow.
  • Here is the DEP’s July 2013 Update on the GI Plan implementation.
  • Local Law 5– A Local Law to amend the administrative code of the City of New York, in relation to developing and implementing a sustainable stormwater management plan, 2008
  • The Sustainable Stormwater Management Plan was outlined in 2008’s Local Law 5 and completed by the Mayor’s Interagency Best Management Practices (BMP) Task Force in December 2008.
  • Long Term Control Plans (LTCP), required by the EPA for cities with Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO), address the waterbodies of NYC and their drainage basins and develop a comprehensive plan for each. At various stages of approval, the website contains draft and planning documents by waterbody. (universal password “watershed”)
  • High Performance Infrastructure Guidelines, an internationally recognized green building reference for roadway and underground infrastructure published by NYC Department of Design and Construction in October 2005.
  • New York City Street Design Manual, a comprehensive resource for promoting higher quality street designs and more efficient project implementation released in May of 2009 by NYC Department of Transportation.
  • Sustainable New York City –  The Mayor’s Office of Environmental Coordination and  the Design Trust for Public Space produced this document which uses case studies to demonstrate the value of adopting environmentally sustainable practices into everyday municipal operations.
  • US Environmental Protection Agency  Municipal Handbook – a series of documents to help local officials implement green infrastructure in their communities.







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