Governor Paterson Signs Green Roof Bill

fordham-bedford.JPGGreen roof law provides tax abatement for the construction of green roofs in New York City. Click here for press release.

Green roofs can help to make our waterways swimmable by preventing pollution. The benefits of green roofs are measurable, according to Dr. Paul S. Mankiewicz, Gaia Institute Executive Director, and board member of the New York City Soil & Water Conservation District. “Each 10,000 square foot green roof can capture between 6,000 and 12,000 gallons of water in each storm event. This is rainfall that will never enter the combined sewer. At the same time, the evaporation of this rainfall will produce the equivalent of between a thousand and two thousand tons of air conditioning, enough heat removal to noticeably cool ten acres of the City. This is a management practice that increases biodiversity and can literally add enjoyable landscape to all the boroughs of New York”.

Riverkeeper Chief Investigator Basil Seggos added, “by incentivizing green roof construction, this legislation will enable New York City to become greener, cleaner and more energy efficient.  And our waterways will benefit from smaller volumes of raw sewage as a result”.

New Yorkers eagerly await details on the application process and other guidance for taking advantage of this incentive program.

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