Community Gardens ARE Green Infrastructure

S.W.I.M. Steering Committee member Shino Tanikawa sends along these photos from today’s public hearing regarding HPD/Parks’ proposed new rules that will govern many of our city’s community gardens. The hearing is well attended and gardeners from all over the city have come to voice their concerns that community garden protections are not weakened.

New York City Community Gardening Coalition
offers a concise summary of the issue, and all related documents for your perusal. The online form for submitting comments is still active if you were not able to make the rally and hearing today.

S.W.I.M. Coalition will submit comments that urge community gardens be afforded the same if not stronger protection in the new agreement.  We know community gardens  as places of experimentation and creativity, incubators of stewardship and civic engagement, and an important part of Green Infrastructure.

The Water Resources Group created the map below to show the distribution of rainwater harvesting systems such as rain barrels and cisterns in community gardens across the city. Water Resources Group began coordinating rainwater harvesting systems with gardens as a source for irrigation water back in the drought stricken summer of 2001. People like Lenny Labrizzi and Lars Chellberg have been working out the kinks in these types of systems since long before PlaNYC or even the term Green Infrastructure. I think we were calling them BMPs or something back then…this is a great reminder that community gardens are places where people with great ideas are free to try them out. Let’s keep it that way!

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