5 questions to ask at DEP’s Long Term Control Plan Public Meetings

Make your voice heard at the next LTCP Public meeting. Here are five questions you should ask to learn more about DEP’s plan for your nearby waterbody.

  1. Tell DEP how you currently use the city’s waterways, and how you would use the water if it were cleaner. DEP needs to know that it is important not only to prioritize high-traffic beaches for water quality improvements, but that smaller waterbodies, creeks, and rivers are also used by NYC residents.
  2. Ask about DEP’s current Water Quality standards. If you are a paddler or rower in a waterbody, explain that you have primary contact with the water, even if you are not directly swimming in it.
  3. Ask DEP how they plan to control and/or eliminate CSOs in the waterbody. What methods are they using and how will they be tested to ensure the health and safety for people and the broader ecosystem?
  4. Ask about the relationship with each waterbody to its neighboring waterbodies. For example, why do Flushing Bay and Flushing Creek have separate LTCPs? Or, is an alternative to reduce CSO in one waterbody increasing discharges in an adjacent waterbody?
  5. Ask about the timeline for implementation. When will the process start and finish, and why?

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