Water Board to extend frontage billing?

The City’s Sustainable Stormwater Plan states that the city will “complete water and wastewater rate study and reassess pricing for stormwater services”. In the meantime, the Water Board has submitted a proposal to extend frontage billing, a practice that charges a fixed amount for water, regardless of actual usage. Please read the public notice and let us know your thoughts by submitting a comment to this post.

One thought on “Water Board to extend frontage billing?

  1. Harry

    Maybe put this elsewhere too:
    Local Water Policy Innovation: A Road Map for Community Based Stormwater Solutions, a report to help you protect clean water and healthy streams in your community.

    Read the report today so you can enact good stormwater policies in your community and solve this pervasive problem. Please also help us spread the word by telling your friends, family and neighbors about this report.

    Stormwater is a leading cause of water pollution and the threats are caused locally, seen locally, and are best addressed locally. This toolkit explains how you can improve stormwater policies in your community and capture the attention of policy makers. Local governments already have the processes in place with zoning districts and ordinances, site plan reviews, and comprehensive plans — now it’s time to act.

    Stormwater pollution begins when natural landscapes are altered, changing the way water moves over the land. Hard structures such as parking lots and rooftops prevent water from naturally soaking into the ground. The rain water picks up pollution from streets and runs off into local streams. A typical 10-acre parking lot will create 270,000 gallons of polluted stormwater runoff after only one inch of rain, while our paved surfaces and rooftops generate 16-times more runoff than the fields they replace.


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