On the record: S.W.I.M. testimony before City Council on public notification

We delivered some riveting testimony on behalf of the Coalition today, at the City Council oversight hearing on “The North River Wastewater Treatment Plant Fire: Assessing Community Outreach and the Impact on Businesses and Recreation.” Check it out!

…In the days following the fire and major sewer bypass at the North River WPCP in July of 2011, S.W.I.M. Coalition members observed the existing public notification protocol employed by NYC DEP and DHMH to be inadequate, noting that alerts failed reach the well-organized boating community, who were holding programs in the Hudson River in the early days of the bypass. In addition, S.W.I.M. members observed swimming and fishing in close vicinity to ongoing sewer bypasses on the Hudson and Harlem Rivers.

The North River WPCP fire and aftermath reveal the City’s failure to develop and implement an effective system of public notification for sewer overflows despite requirements at the local, state and federal level to do so…

Download the full testimony here.

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