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NYC Source Control Registry

Stormwater Capture Greenstreet_NYC Parks_110th and AmsterdamLetter from BMP Task Force

Dear stakeholder:
We are sending this reminder to ask you to take a moment and fill out the registry form on our website at the following address:  In order for us to consider the information in our stormwater plan that is due on October 1, we ask that you enter the information by August 8, 2008.

As we explained in our initial email of July 3rd, we are collecting as much information as we can about all the stormwater source controls or best management practices (BMPs) that have already been installed in New York City.  This information will help us determine which types of BMPs are the most widespread, BMP performance and dependability, the costs of installation and operation, and other factors necessary for our mission of exploring cost-effective source controls.  Just the fact that BMPs have already been installed in New York City will encourage others to rely on these technologies, and make informed choices about the ones that will meet site-specific needs.

To ensure that we reach the widest possible audience, we would appreciate your passing this registry information and request on to other interested parties.

Thank you.
Regards, the Interagency BMP Task Force


Don’t Dump; Drains to Bronx River


On July 18, 2008, the Bronx River Alliance placed more than 350 stormdrain markers (left) in Bronx River sewersheds, HP-007, HP-004, HP-009 and HP-008. Support, in the form of funding and ten energetic volunteers, for this project was provided by Goldman Sachs. Thank you to all of the staff from both the Alliance and Goldman Sachs who braved the extreme heat in the name of stormwater education! The Alliance aims to have a total of 500 markers placed by the end of August.


NYC Green Codes Task Force

At the request of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn, the New York Chapter of the US Green Building Council will form a NYC Green Codes Task Force to recommend changes to “green” the laws and regulations that govern construction in New York City. The task force will create a report to be delivered to the Mayor and the Speaker by the end of the year.

The Green Codes Task Force will consist of a Steering Committee and an Industry Advisory Committee that will offer oversight and eight Technical Committees that will generate recommendations based on the field-specific expertise of their members. While the task force will primarily be made up of an directed by leading building industry professionals from the private sector, certain key agencies be represented on the appropriate Technical Committees.

Please see below for list of invitees and the task force schedule.

gctf-contact-list.pdf   gctf-schedule.pdf