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Sewage Pollution Right to Know Law Listserv

NYS DEC has set up a listserv as part of the Sewage Pollution Right to Know Law! Subscribers will receive information about sewage overflows and bypasses, educational information about public wastewater systems, and updates on the implementation of the law. To sign-up for the Sewage Pollution Right to Know Law listserv, enter your email in […]

City of Tucson to mandate green infrastructure in all roadway projects

The City of Tucson just adopted a policy that integrates green infrastructure in all publicly funded new roadway development and re-development projects.  The policy mandates projects to capture first half inch of rain as well as a 25 percent tree canopy cover and a 25 percent shrub and grass cover.  You can read the full […]

Swimming in the Hudson River – Is It Safe?

You may have heard about a recent study that found antibiotic resistant bacteria in the Hudson River.  You may be wondering when, if ever, it is safe to go in the water.  Rest assured, you only need to “swim smart” according to John Lipscomb of the Riverkeeper.  As recreational water users, we “need to be […]

SWIM Victory: Green Roof Tax Abatement Extended!

The New York State legislature extended and improved the NYC green roof tax abatement, which had expired March 15, 2013, late last week.  The abatement’s maximum value will be doubled, allowing property owners to save as much as $200,000 per project.  The abatement also will allow rooftop farming and encourage the use of biodiverse plants. […]

Investors Should Look at Green Infrastructure

Investors take note:  Annie Donovan, Senior Policy Advisor for the New Financial Instruments at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, wants you to know that infrastructure investment means more than funding technological advancements in power grids, bridges, and cell phone towers; it can also mean the creation of sustainable communities.  Donovan highlights that innovative […]

Barge with Leaking Cargo Tank Spills Oil into Kill Van Kull

On Saturday a barge carrying 112,000 gallons of No. 6 best computer software heating oil leaked into the Kill Van Kull in Mariner’s Harbor, Staten Island. According to the US Coast Guard it best computer security software is unclear how much oil was spilled into the waterway. A containment boom was placed around the spill […]

Ironman Swim Threatened by Poor Water Quality

Water quality advisories were issued in Westchester and Rockland Counties due to a “controlled discharge” of partly treated sewage, and a New York Times article female viagra alternative says that an Ironman swim scheduled for Viagra women tomorrow could be threatened. Cialis from india The situation is being monitored…but if you’re in Westchester or Rockland Counties, […]

Real-Time Estimates of Bacteria Concentrations In Streams…On Your Apple Device!

The EPA recently launched a real-time monitoring system that allows Kansas City residents to check estimated bacteria concentrations in Kansas City streams. This KCWaterBug mobile app is free, and gives you an estimate of how much bacteria might be found in a stream during the previous hour. If you’re wondering if it’s purchase cialis in […]

Toronto First North American City to Require Green Roofs

“Toronto is making history. The first city in North American Female viagra pills to require green roofs on new developments moves into the third phase of its Green Roof Bylaw on April 30, 2012. Adopted in 2009, the bylaw required the environmentally friendly roofs on clomid natural residential, commercial and institutional buildings starting in 2010. […]

Important Changes Coming to City's Waterfront Revitalization Program

Next Week, Watch for Notices from Your Local Community Board for a Chance to Comment “One year after the release of Vision 2020: NYC Comprehensive Waterfront Plan, City Planning Commissioner Amanda M. how much clomid to take Burden is expected to launch public review next week for revisions to New York City’s Waterfront Revitalization Program […]

Fun for Kids, Good for the Waterways – green infrastructure playgrounds!

Check out a March 12 Wall Stree Journal Article which says :  “New York City has enlisted trees, “green” roofs and massive tanks in its effort to reduce the best viagra and popular in uk billions of gallons of untreated wastewater that overflow into city waterways during rain storms each year. Now, it’s turning to schoolyards. […]

NYC Design Commission approves "Right-of-way Bioswale" standard designs

A New York Times article dated March 13 states, “Look out for “bioswales”: Measuring about five feet wide and buy steroids online for best prices just for you! – steroid4you.org 20 feet long, these buy injectable steroids online small patches of plants, steroid4you.org legal steroids trees and rocks will soon be making an appearance all […]

We've come a long way, baby!
We've come a long way, baby!

Today S.W.I.M. members joined NYSDEC & NYCDEP on a rooftop in the Brooklyn Navy Yard for the official announcement of the groundbreaking agreement to integrate Green Infrastructure into the Long Term Control Plans. From the DEP’s press release: The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and New York City Department of Environmental Protection today […]

SWIM Coalition Comments on the EPA’s Draft Water Quality Criteria

SWIM Coalition submitted a comment letter on the EPA’s draft recreational water quality criteria proposed under the Beaches Environmental Assessment and Coastal Health Act of 2000. Our primary concern was the 90-day average for pathogen levels. We argued that the 90-day average was inadequate for protecting public health. The complete letter can be found here.

Linking Green Infrastructure Maintenance and Jobs

Check out this good piece  from a source that’s well-networked in the world of stormwater professionals (Water Environment Federation (WEF)).  If you click through to the full article, it’s even got a further link to an event WEF hosted with EPA on jobs and water/stormwater infrastructure. Linking Green Infrastructure Maintenance and Jobs Green infrastructure holds […]

City’s Final Stormwater Rule Published

Happy new year to everyone! DEP published its Final Stormwater Rule on January 4th. You can read the final rule here (go to page 15).  Folks at the SWIM Central are reviewing the Rule and will share their analysis as soon as possible.  It looks as though the DEP did make some useful improvements from […]

COMMENT DEADLINE WEDNESDAY 11/30 — Draft Stormwater Performance Standard for Development Projects

Click here for DEP’s Proposed Stormwater Performance Standard (the on-site stormwater management rule for new development projects and major renovations). This is the main strategy from the NYC GI Plan for achieving Green Infrastructure on private property…so speak now or forever hold your peace. SWIM’s Steering Committee and many others have raised concerns that the proposal […]

Have you finished your comments on the Consent Order?

Yeah, us neither. Still working away. This is a very important moment for long term CSO control planning! Make your voice heard! The deadline is TOMORROW, and your comments should go in a letter to: Gary Kline, NYS DEC – Division of Water, 625 Broadway, 4th Floor, Albany, NY 12233-3506, gekline@gw.dec.state.ny.us Here are the broad […]

So. Much. Happening.

To say a lot is going on would be a bit of an understatement. Here is a handy cribsheet of important events upcoming and ongoing… 1. Draft Stormwater Performance Standard available for comment NOW, hearing 10/31 Click here for the final version of the Stormwater Performance Standard (the on-site stormwater management rule for new properties […]

DEP and DEC reach draft agreement on Green Infrastructure for CSO control

It a big day, friends! From DEP’s press release: The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the New York City Department of Environmental Protection reached a draft agreement to reduce combined sewer overflows (CSO) into area water bodies, the agencies announced today. The agreement modifies New York City’s approach to improving harbor water […]

Draft Stormwater Performance Standard available for comment

Hot off the presses, click here for the final version of the Stormwater Performance Standard (on-site stormwater management rule for new properties and major renovations). DEP will hold an open public hearing on the draft rule at 10am on October 31 (spooky!) and, according to an email we received from DEP, written comments will be […]

Green Infrastructure Fundamentals Series begins this weekend at Pratt!
Green Infrastructure Fundamentals Series begins this weekend at Pratt!

There is still time to sign up!

S.W.I.M. members speak out in City Limits article

City Sewage Plan Faces Obstacles, Questions Advocates praise the motives behind New York’s plan to reduce the amount of sewage released untreated into its waterways. But they’re worried about the details. [Phillip] Musegaas, of Riverkeeper, says that local governments should to more to publicize the dangers of sewer overflows.”This is a long term problem, it’s […]

An Outhouse For The Sea

From NPR’s Science Friday: This toilet floats. It’s an outhouse and sewage-treatment plant in one, processing human waste through a “constructed wetlands.” Adam Katzman, the inventor and builder of the toilet-boat, says it’s meant to be more inspirational than practical. “Poop and Paddle” demonstrates how sewage and rainwater can be converted to cattails and clean […]

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