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Stormwater Infrastructure Matters: utilizing stormwater as a resource, not a waste!
S.W.I.M. Coalition
Climate Change Leads To Increases In Extreme Precipitation, Making City Stormwater Management Harder

Climate scientists are predicting increases in frequency, intensity, and duration of extreme precipitation (>1″ of rain) for the future of New York City. The pollution from combined sewer systems after extreme rain events is already a huge scale problem, and climate change trends will make developing solutions much more challenging. The City has begun developing [...]

Mystic River Watershed in Massachussets recieve EPA Awards

The EPA has awarded $120,000 in Urban Water grants to two organizations that are working to clean up the Mystic River Watershed in Boston, Massachusetts. Alternatives for Community and Environment (ACE) received half of the award money for a community improvement plan, and the Mystic River Watershed Association (MyRWA) the other half for a green [...]

NJ Organizations use EPA grants to monitor water pollution

The New York/New Jersey Baykeeper and Friends of the Bonsal Preserve have made use of the EPA’s “citizen science” grants to monitor water quality on the tributaries of the NY/NJ Harbor. The $25,000 grants have allowed the groups to test for Enterococcus, which indicates instances of fecal contamination. Citizen science is a growing field that [...]

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